ADAM TANALSKIThe Hammer Kicking Academy was founded in 2008, by former University of Buffalo kicker and Buffalo Bill tryout kicker Adam Tanalski.  Since 2008 the camp has grown from the original 4 clients (all playing Division I football) to over 350 clients nationally who do lessons with Adam. HKA is all about hands on instruction our day camps and elite camps are for instruction and form work and gives specialists who have plateaued a way to improve their skills and beginners a chance to learn the correct form.  5-8 sessions of training plus video review with some of the most talented kickers in the country.  HKA has over 90 specialists playing FBS football and does lessons with over 170 FBS, FCS and DII kickers annually.  We also have had the consensus DIII All-American and have had 100 percent of our HS specialists move on to play college football the last 3 years.