GENESIS PRO SPORTS is a company founded on morals and integrity by Garrett Palmer, a former collegiate and professional kicker with more than 22 years experience. Our goal is to provide the community with great sporting products while also giving back. The Genesis Pro Jawbone Kickoff Tee is our first product that we plan to launch in the summer of 2014. There is a deeper meaning behind the name Genesis Pro Jawbone. Genesis is the origin, birth or beginning of something. This is the birth of a company and as our motto states, “It’s only the beginning…”. As this company grows, we will continue to live by this motto. The name Jawbone comes from the shape of the tee, as it resembles a jawbone. A jawbone was very instrumental in Biblical days, whether it was handled as a weapon or tool. That’s exactly what this will be for kickers and it will be “instrumental” to their success.


Finally, a kickoff tee that firmly secures the ball while allowing kickers to achieve the lean we desire for optimal performance!


I was drafted as a kickoff specialist in 2005.  If I had the Jawbone Tee, let’s just say that I would have had a lot more touchbacks.  I used to manipulate the Ground Zero Tee to get the ultimate lean.  The Jawbone allows you to lean the ball however you want, to execute any kick in the bag.  It is a brilliant product designed by someone who knows the ins and outs of kicking!