Our tests have shown the ball was able to maintain balance on the GP Jawbone in winds exceeding 100 mph. The placement of the bristles allows the kicker to lean the ball whichever way they choose (forward, sideways, backward). The bristles are replaceable and the “T” shaped design locks them in place with a turn. On the bottom of the tee, there is a storage area for the bristles to store extra bristles or protect them from damage while not in use. Another aspect of the tee is the “U” shape that is cut out of the side wall. This “U” shape makes the kicker able to see the entire ball while on approach; I refer to this as visual confidence. Visual confidence simply means the bigger the ball, the bigger the “sweet-spot.” You see this in other sports as well, for example: In baseball, when a batter gets on a hot streak he refers to the ball as looking like a beach ball; or in basketball, when a shooter gets on a hot streak he refers to the hoop as looking bigger. This visual confidence is achieved with the design of the tee.



One of the most aggravating mishaps in football, from the player’s and fan’s point of view, is when the ball falls off of the tee. Not only does it delay the game, if it falls over a second time a player has to come hold it. From a kicker’s perspective, they very much dislike having someone hold the ball on the tee. Half of the time the player either presses too hard or lets go a second too early and the ball is falling when you are kicking.  The Jawbone has performed in winds exceeding 100 mph.



Another problem with the current tee is the ability to lean the ball forward. There are instances when the ball would fall off of the tee in a dome. Did someone open a window in the dome? No. The problem lies in the inability to lean the ball the way the kicker prefers. Many kickers prefer the ball leaned slightly forward and tilted away from them. A larger area of “sweet-spot” is created when the ball is leaned this way as well as the appearance of a bigger football. The forward tilt on the ball is also great for onside kicks.  Often times the kicker has to resort to turning the tee sideways for onside kicks to achieve this forward lean. Unfortunately, this gives away any surprise for an onside kick. The GP Jawbone fixes all of these problems. The innovative design allows the kicker to lean the ball forward and it holds up better in the wind. The key is the rubber bristle design. As the ball leans against these bristles, it evenly disperses the weight of the football which gives it more balance.